Pickleball: It's officially here to stay

Pickleball came onto the scene quickly, and now it's one of the most requested items for private clients and municipalities alike. Requiring less space that a traditional tennis court it can be a fun and useful addition to any project!

Indoor combination Pickleball and Basketball court

Just a few years back here in Texas, many had never heard of or played pickleball. Now many court owners are opting to add pickleball lines to their existing tennis facilities, or convert their unused tennis courts into several pickleball courts. 


Fun facts from the Annapolis Pickleball Club:

Pickleball was invented in 1965 by three fathers from Bainbridge Island, Washington to entertain their kids. Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell, and Barney McCallum made the equipment for the game by hand from items they had lying around the house and used rules from the games of tennis, badminton, and table tennis to create a fun new game for their families to enjoy.

  • Despite the name, pickleball has nothing to do with actual pickles. Some claim that the name “pickleball” came from Pritchard’s cocker spaniel, whose name was Pickles. However, that family dog, who made his debut two years after they invented the sport, got his name from the game.
  • Pickleball is almost equally as popular among men and women, with 53% of players being male and 47% being female.
  • Pickleball has its own national governing body, the United States of America Pickleball Association (USAPA),which regulates professional play for the sport.
  • The sport’s popularity across the world led to the creation of the International Federation of Pickleball, helping to regulate the sport in countries like the US, Canada, France, Great Britain and Spain.
  • The first permanent court for pickleball was built in 1967. 
  • Like tennis, pickleball can be played as both a singles and doubles sport and has rules that allow teams with standing players and wheelchaired players to play each other.
  • More than 3 million players play pickleball in the United States and that number has been growing by more than 10 percent each year over the past decade.

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Is pickleball the right amenity to add to your facility? Consider the following: 

 Space Constraints 

The physical space is a huge factor. 

A regulation pickleball court is 20'x44' with a minimum play area of 30'x60' and a preferred playing area of 40'x64'. A tennis court stiped for doubles requires 36'x78' and a minimum play area of 60'x120'

Budget Constraints

Because a pickleball court is significantly smaller that a tennis court, the savings in material add up! A pickleball court can give your facility something extra, and super FUN, without the full financial burden of a tennis court. 


Existing Courts 

Do you have a tennis court that's seen better days? A regulation doubles tennis court can be striped for 4 pickleball courts (SEE RENDERING BELOW). Resurfacing an existing tennis court and striping for pickleball can breath new life into a relatively unused space! If striping for a combination court, using complimenting, but different color lines, can make line distinction easier for your players.



The past several years have seen many neighborhoods and clubhouses revive their unused tennis courts into fully booked pickleball courts! Families, friends, and people of all ages are enjoying this new trend and there is no end to the growth of the sport!


Call us today to discuss how we can help you build the courts of your dreams!

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